Original Framing
& Upgrade Framing Service

                 This top photo is of an Original without the Upgrade Framing Service. It is simply framed with two mat boards and the shadow boxed fly that inspired the art inside a black metal frame.

Below is the Upgrade. 

             To the right is anexample of what you'll get when you take advantage of my Upgraded matting and framing service for the Original Art you purchased separately.

  • 4 coordinating mat boards 
  • Name plate for the fly
  • Shadowbox built of foam core board
  • Frame

The art here was 12" wide by 9" tall and with the other elements the finished framed piece was 26" wide by 32" tall.

​Please consider that many retail Frame Shops may not know how to mount the fly in the shadow box or know how to build the box for that matter.  You also get my hand writing on the mat for the name plate which is also shadow boxed in the center of the framed piece. 

The Collector who bought this painting gave me a budget and spent $575 on framing that I put together for him and he was very happy.

I can work within your budget on framing and mating but I have found that my formula works best and well, looks the best.  

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