About Me & Art
Hello - my Name is Curt Gavin and I have been an Artist and a Fisherman my whole life.  I grew up the the Renton/Kent areas of Washington State and developed some great friends, whom I still fish with today.  You know who you are! 

It wasn't until after college that I got into Fly Fishing on a consistent basis and tying my own flies.  I loved tying and in fact I lugged my travel box of tying materials all over Washington, Idaho and Montana fishing for Trout.  My fellow travelers always gave me a hard time about it but it saved our trip more than once.  
One trip I really remember was with my friend Mark to fish the Big Horn river in Montana.  We had a line of guys outside the tent, beer in hand (this part of Montana is or was a dry county - no booze or beer sales), wanting to know what fly we used on the river that afternoon. We had a great day fishing while other folks, well not so much. We had a great night of beer and fly tying in the wall tent that night and everyone caught fish the next day.  The fly was a little black Caddis emerger we had tied the day before.

Me and my art took a 28 year break after college for the most part and sitting on the couch one evening after dinner, watching tv, my second or third glass of wine in hand, getting fatter by the second... I realized that I didn't want to look back on this time in my life in another fifty years and regret what could have been done... "when was I really happy doing something?" I pondered.... "Baseball? nahh, can't do that anymore, Fishing, I'm happy when I fish but can't do that after 7pm, so what can I do...Art? yea that might work.  Ahhh... Yea, Flies and Art". 

In my break from art I was a remodeler and general contractor to some extent and built 9 homes.  So, I decided rather than jump into the "Art Thing" I'd ease into it with something familiar, so I built the desk, drafting table, easel contraption you see pictured to the left.  It took me nearly a year to get done and installed.  Not because it was  hard or I was lazy...  Life just got in the way.  My dad had some medical issues, kids going this way and that, my business needed me, etc...  But now I'm using it and I'm back at the table so to speak, making my art.

From that moment on the couch, I knew I wanted to tie flies and draw and paint them with subtel backgrounds.  I have always been in awe of professional tiers tying the old traditional patterns and especially the salmon and steelhead offerings.  Some are just flat out gorgeous.  So I thought lets study the "Masters", and I mean that respectfully, and try to tie some of them myself.  

It was and I am sure, will continue to be a hit and miss venture with the tying but I've broken away, and this may be a sin to the Fly Fishing Gods, from tying just the traditional patterns and I am now tying and painting from Themed Flies as I call them.  I still do the traditional stuff don't get me wrong but the Themed Flies really get my creative side moving again.  Which is why I am doing this - to keep the old brain bucket working!  and I really do enjoy it too.  
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Spare the Hammer
​This is my tying desk. It is not a very neat desk most of the time and half my materials find their way to the floor at some point Especially when something I'm trying to tie just isn't looking like I want it to and I employ the hammer and start over.

This is where it starts for me and my art - the tied fly.  More so when I am creating a painting of a traditional fly and a little less on my Themed fly pieces like Danny Boy.  I may have a background in mind or an idea but I like to tye one on first, if you get the meaning. Really, the fly comes first with it's history or origin then the backgrounds are born from there.
My biggest tool for me is my table.  I designed and built it to have a movable table top - see the handle?  I can move it so I can sit like at the dinning room table in flat, drafting and easel postions as well as taller stool seated positions and standing.  My studio is small and sometimes doubles as a bedroom for overnight guests so my table will also fit flat up against the wall.  The table top is attached to two seven foot tall studs with sliding brackets that are pinned to hold the top and legs in various hinged positions.  Getting old sucks but the table allows me to move into different positions keeping me comfortable while I work.
re to see Studs Table Company.
Other than the table I work primarily in Pencil, Black pen and Acrylic paint.   All work materials are Archival quality and I use a lot of care fixing or curing or permanently preserving my work so that it may be enjoyed for many years to come.  The papers hanging above the table are my studies for my "Glassovino" fly pictured below as a finished and sold piece.

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Study work papers and the beginning of "Glassovino"
 The Finished Work
This is what I do. 

  1. Tie the fly.
  2. Prepare a creative, themed or traditional background in pencil.
  3. Paint the fly over the background using pen and acrylic paint.
  4. Name the fly or prepare a center name plate
  5. Use colored mat board to create a frame for the art and shadow box the fly in with the name plate and the art.

This piece was commissioned by a friend of mine who really likes wine and can afford the good stuff.  I cannot, so I am very thankful when he pulls out the good stuff for us to share.  Since, he and I enjoy wine on two different levels together,  when he asked me do do "something nice" for him, I thought of our different wine cork collections and used them for the background.  Hard to see here but, I used some of mine and some of his logoed corks and when I dropped it off.  He loved it, but upon a closer harder look he asked "what the hell is Red Diamond doing in there with my PlumpJack!"

I didn't have the heart to point out the Kirkland cork.  I'm sure I'll get a call...

Original sold - Prints available

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